Hannah Brown uses light as her medium creating sculptural, installation and surface design pieces by using a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques. Fascinated by the embedded relationship between light, colour and material her work is a experimental process that focuses of the manipulation of these elements, creating innovative and engaging works for architecture, interior and exterior environments. Hannah is greatly influenced by the structural design and geometric precision of architecture particularly in contrast to natural found objects, whilst being inspired by data, pattern and self-set rules involved in the process of making.

Sampling and playfully constructing materials is an integral part of her design process. Her creative narrative often begins with photography, drawing and printing, selecting interesting forms and textures and investigating colour and tone. The initial visual research is then manifested as 3D forms, with Hannah constructing her drawings from transparent components that have been laser cut and then hand-dyed, and exploring the impacts of varying light sources, shadows and reflections. The final outcomes hold lively and interactive qualities, highlighted by the transparent and reflective components alongside solid, bright and bold colours.

Hannah is greatly intrigued by new innovative materials and processes and believes that, when considering the future of design, it is imperative that we adopt and adapt to the new approaches proposed by technology whilst ensuring that traditional craft methods maintain a strong status within contemporary design.